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Driving School


While getting plenty of knowledge about traffic laws and defensive driving is vital, there's no substitution for behind-the-wheel driver training. We designed our driver training course to help students practice in a safe environment and get habituated to the competent operation of a car.


Your on-the-road driving test might make you nervous, but that's why our mock road test will give you the practice time you need to calm your nerves and get used to driving. Our driving instructor will work patiently with you to explain safety concerns, traffic rules, and the adoption of good habits to help you become a responsible driver. You'll have the opportunity to learn about common mistakes, different basic maneuvers, and what to expect for the actual road test.


The road training course helps cement the knowledge you've gathered from classroom learning and incorporate that into physically operating your vehicle. It's the best time to ask additional questions about car functions and how to drive comfortably for both yourself and your passengers.


Schedule your driving lessons today with Grace and Mercy Driving School, Inc. and begin your practical education in driving. We're here to help in Warren, MI, and look forward to having you as a student.

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