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Our driving classes begin in the safety of the classroom. An essential aspect of drivers ed is understanding the basic functions of a car and the rules of the road. For Segment 1, you'll have time for observation and textbook learning first before moving on to on-the-road instruction. This portion of your drivers education is a great chance to answer questions in a no-pressure environment. When you return for Segment 2, you'll have some practice hours under your belt and will learn more about how to prepare for your road test.


For teen drivers ed, you'll have a few more requirements before you can take your road test. While the lessons for adult drivers ed are virtually the same as for teens, you may require a refresher course or need to break some previous bad habits.


We also provide instruction for taking written driver's tests. There are many things to learn, such as responding to emergency vehicles on the road and what differently colored curbs mean. With practice questions and a chance to discuss the why behind traffic laws and rules, you'll be ready to ace your test in no time.


Visit Grace and Mercy Driving School, Inc. to start your driving education with us in Warren, MI. We're here to help!

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