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Fleet of Trucks


If you've never driven a pickup truck before, but you're ready to learn, then our pickup truck driving classes are suitable for you.

           At our drivers license training school, we understand that students come with different backgrounds and experiences when learning to drive. When it comes to pickup truck driving, we recognize that your training will be slightly different than with smaller and more common cars. There are specific things to know when operating a pickup truck that our experienced instructors will be happy to help you learn.

            One of the first things to note will be the number of blind spots on a larger vehicle - particularly if elevated. While every car has blind spots, bulkier cars are harder to see around, necessitating extra caution when changing lanes and reversing. When backing up, it's important to note that you have a reduced field of vision in a truck, so it's best to move slower than you usually would for the safety of pedestrians. Pickup trucks also have much more power than passenger cars, so it's essential to pay attention to how and when you press your gas and brake pedals for the safety and comfort of yourself and anyone else with you in the cabin.

            Schedule your lessons at Grace and Mercy Driving School, Inc. in Warren, MI, and let us help you with your pickup truck driving education.

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